Monday, March 7, 2011

Team Achy Bones

It is official, Team Achy Bones is signed up for the 2011 Des Moines Arthritis Walk!  Team Achy Bones is for dogs, dog owners or even just dog lovers, who want to help support the Arthritis Foundation through the Arthritis Walk.  We've set a goal of at least 15 team members for 2011, which is the first year that dogs are able to participate in the Arthritis Walk.  This year's event is going to be held on May 14 at Gray's Lake. 

If each team member raises just $25, we can meet our team fundraising goal.  If we can do even more, there will be some happy tail-wagging!  As a bonus, if a team member raises $100 or more, you get a free Arthritis Walk t-shirt!  Watch here for more information on the Arthritis Walk and the Dog Walk events, but in the mean time, help spread the word!

You can sign up for the Arthritis Walk at this site:  Once you read and accept the waiver, you can opt to "join" an existing team.  Simply search for "Achy Bones" and you can click on the link to join our team.  Help make Team Achy Bones a success and join today!